A Handy Guide to Help Choose the Best Wood for Furniture

Samples of different kinds of wood

Best wood for furniture could be very hard to choose when there is no understanding of wood properties. This goes beyond the mere look of how strong the wood seems, but boils down to its quality, durability and, resistivity to the test of time.   People often feel choosing the material of furniture as difficult. This, however, explains why fair knowledge of wood is needed to choose just the perfect wood for your furniture.

It is no doubt wood is one of the most frequently used materials in the world, and for the most part, any type can be used to build furniture.  Wood is so unique that it helps to add fondness, significance, and attraction to its surroundings. The question, “what exactly is the best timber for furniture”  can be very worrisome often time. But, with the best timber merchant to give a roadmap, it is a piece of cake.

Meeting the right expert to give adequate information throughout your building process can be very helpful. Besides that, proper planning and budgeting are also vital before finally selecting your presumed best timber for Furniture. When designing your fantasized wood door, it is most important to have full knowledge of what wood type will best compliment your needs. And above all, its functionality and longevity over time.

The strength and elegance of a furnished piece depend mainly on the type of wood used in building it. It is very paramount to take a closer look before diving into a furniture hunt. This guide considers the characteristics of different wood to help decide and choose the best wood for furniture. There are numerous wood types with positive and negative attributes associated with each of them

Below are some guides to the different types of wood to be used in the process of home furnishing. It is important to take to study the difference between hard and softwoods before selecting the best wood for a door. Many people out of ignorance think hardwoods to be more durable wood, due to its name. This is not always the case because it only refers to the source and structure of the tree from which the wood comes from.

Hardwood originates from leaf producing trees such as

  • Cherry
  • Balsa
  • Mahogany
  • Walnut
  • Oak
  • Ash
  • Birch
  • Maple etc.

While softwood is from cone-producing trees some of  such are

  • Cedar
  • Pine
  • Spruce
  • Fir
  • Larch etc.

Hardwoods are usually dark in color compare to softwoods. Studies have shown that 80% of timber harvested around the globe is softwood. It is amazing and confusing a fact that some woods classified under hardwood are literally soft in terms of processing, the same goes to some softwoods which could be hard during processing. Hardwood is costlier than softwood, nevertheless, both are widely used for creating fascinating woodwork.

With little understanding of the difference between a hard and softwood, now we can review the series of amazing wood types for your custom furniture.

  • Oak – This is one of the most versatile and expensive solid woods used for tables, cabinets, and occasionally for chair legs. It is indeed one of the best wood for furniture due to its high weight support. This wood can be selective due to its open capillaries. It may not withstand some element but when cured with the appropriate preservative, it is a good option. It also resists moisture and proves to be very perfect for furniture. It has high uniqueness and durability because of its split-grain texture. Oak exists in two shades – white and red. The oak red which is a bit stronger than the white.
  • Cherry – This wood has a high dose of incredible color; ranging from light pink to a very warm red that deepens over time when exposed often to direct sun rays. It is so unique and charming timber special for an exceptional piece of furniture. Seeking the best wood for a door? Cherry wood stands out as a reliable option for your home’s interior furniture.
  • Mahogany – This wood is ideal for high- quality furniture. Mahogany has a unique deep red-brown hue which makes it the perfect wood for furniture. It is no surprise why it is expensive and a popular choice for use on veneers. It is a softwood to work on making it so easy to structure or shape into magical trims and fittings.
  • Cedar – Another mind-blowing wood is “Cedar”. It has a wonderful aromatic quality, making it a no go area for bugs. It has a great natural weather-resistant attribute and top-rated when it comes to the best wood for a door. It is indeed an amazing fit for the outdoors.
  • Maple – Maple possess many distinctive qualities such as fine-grained texture, durability, non-toxic and high-rate moisture absorbance. These qualities make it ideal for kitchen cabinet, hoping boards and other utensils. The fine-grained texture of maple are in distinct shapes and patterns in resemblance to some animal features as; swirly bird’s eye, tiger’s stripes (also known as flame maple), and ripple-like fold. Maple wood is very unique when it comes to the best wood for furniture. Especially when avoiding high repair costs and maintenance.

About the Author :

Arjun Babu is a business owner who sells timber wood products and furniture in the south of India, he blogs on timber and other wood products on his website www.rajaandraja.com.