Room Dividers – Pros and Cons

There are two things that one first notices upon visiting a new place – whether it is clean and the way it is decorated. Cleaning, of course, is not only important for the good appearance of your home, but also for your health and that of your loved ones. It might be time-consuming and quite annoying, but a neat and tidy place always makes good impression, not to mention it is less likely for you to suffer from various unpleasant and often serious dust-caused diseases. As for the aesthetics side – there are various ways to decorate your home and, for instance, make a tiny room look more spacious and vice versa. In fact, the purpose of this article is to shortly comment on one such way.

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Room dividers are often used by interior designers as a means to divide a room into two or more  areas. They can be made of various materials – wood, glass, fabric, etc. They might be both static and portable. They also might be completely obscuring, or fully transparent, or to offer only partial sight. Folding and hanging ones are also offered. As we can see, the variety of dividers is unlimited as is that of their design. That is why they are not only an excellent means to efficiently use the space in any room, but also an elegant stylistic point.

Apart from dividing particular space into several sections, privacy is one of the best advantages of the indoor dividers. If you have more than one children and only one room for them, you can successfully separate their sleeping areas. It is a really good investment and thus, each one of your young ones will feel as if they have their own nook. You can also use a divider in your living room or to separate the kitchen from the dining room. However, you should be really careful in your choice, for glass and other types of transparent ones, for example, provide anything but privacy. On the other hand, these types of dividers might be a really nice decorating element when seclusion is not of primary importance to you.

A noteworthy advantage of the hanging and portable dividers is the fact that they are not particularly pricey and are really easy to install. And they can quickly be removed when you get tired of them or need the room in its whole.

As I have already mentioned, glass dividers really contribute to the elegance of your home. Yet, a significant disadvantage might be the fact that they are quite fragile. So if you have young children constantly running around your home, this type of dividers might not be appropriate. Broken glass and bleeding kids is the last thing you need. Moreover, it requires additional effort, concerning its cleaning. We all know how hard and tiresome this task is so it is recommended that you hire professionals to help you.

It is true that dividers provide some privacy and create the impression that a room is more spacious than it actually is or the opposite, but all the various types have one common and major disadvantage – they do not isolate sounds and unpleasant noises. So, obviously if you want to be all by yourself, you will eventually need to go somewhere else.

To sum up, dividers are particularly useful to divide both large and tiny rooms into more sections, to provide your home with additional storage space (in the case of bookshelf dividers, for instance). They offer you certain privacy, although not always, as previously discussed. They also might turn into nuisance when it comes to cleaning. But after all, they are a fantastic decorative addition to your home when chosen wisely.

Written by: Shannon Gilborg from Clean London Out – Move