The Best Hacks For a DIY Garden

I love the garden. The only thing I love more than the garden is cool stuff for the garden. The garden is a work of art and building and maintaining the living organisms inside takes patience, a little zen, and some elbow grease.

I have been doing some research and want to highlight some of my favorite ‘hacks for the garden’. I am working on an ‘ultimate garden hacks‘ post and will share it later in the month. For now, please enjoy this teaser:

  • Make Your Own Compost or Mulch


Materials: Eggshells, old greens, leaves, carrots, etc.

Steps: Let it rot until you can’t stand it anymore, mix with soil, and enjoy!


  • Put Old Furniture in the Garden


Materials: Old bed, chairs, buckets, you name it!

Steps: Plant and enjoy!


  • Make a Garden Gate or Garden ‘Threshold’


Materials: Literally anything you want from around the house.

Steps: Glue or nail to a wooden frame, install in front of garden.


  • Bring Some of Your Garden Inside


Materials: A chair or two, rocks, a big plastic ‘base’ and some plants.

Steps: Place the ‘base’ somewhere inside, build your garden inside of it.


  • Dig a Small Pond (Ok this one is a bit harder, I will admit)


Materials: A shovel, thick plastic waterproof lining, rocks, plants, water.

Steps: Dig, dig, dig, line hole with plastic, fill up with water and build garden around it.


That’s all for now! More to come soon!